Weekend breaks

If you find yourself having holiday withdrawal symptoms as your summer holidays loom far in the distance, then why not start planning a short getaway.

Weekend breaks are a great means of making an escape without taking any time off from your work or disrupting your children’s school term should you have a family. One of our favourite things about taking a weekend break is that it’s on your terms. You can decide whether you want an adventure packed weekend in the countryside, a weekend of shopping and entertainment in a city or just a relaxing weekend by the coast to name but a few options. All it takes is a little planning, even if you just decide to getaway a few days beforehand. Just figure out how you want to spend your weekend, how much time and effort you want to spend getting there and before you know it, the location will fall into place, as to will your itinerary.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning your weekend break well, this weekend! And then you can spend all next week looking forward to your ideal weekend getaway. Keep us informed on your planning and what your perfect weekend involves!


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Beat those back to work blues with a January escape

Make a January escape

Make a January escape

Feeling the back-to-work, post festivities blues yet? We know a few of us on the BedandBreakfastworld.com team are feeling the dark evenings and cold chills on our walk home from work. So in order to get us through the January blues we’ve taken to looking at where we could escape those winter blues and getaway for a few days.

Any sun worshippers out there will not be the biggest fans of winter and would give an arm and leg to get some sun during January. This can be quiet feasible though as this is the cheapest time of year to book that last minute getaway. Flight prices can be at their cheapest at the start of the year for those looking to book that last minute break. Catch some rays by the beach in great locations like Lanzarote or Tenerife.

If you want to beat those back to work blues with a quick fix and just a weekend getaway then get booking flights to some of Europe’s top cities. Take a couple of days to enjoy the wonders of Prague with its picture perfect streets and ancient architecture. It may be just as cold as where you’re leaving but all that walking through its quaint streets will keep you toasty! Berlin is also a great city to spend a weekend away in, if not longer. There’s something for all tastes in Berlin from a varied history to Europe’s most interesting nightlife.

These are just a couple of suggestions to get you thinking about that last minute January escape. For more inspiration check out the destinations where you’ll find some great value B&Bs around the world.

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Let’s get seasonal

Decorating your B&B for Christmas

Decorating your B&B for Christmas

The shops are filling up with gifts and the festive lights are being turned on in towns and cities with every day that passes. There’s no denying it, Christmas is fast approaching.

December can be a popular month for travel and short getaways as festive events like Christmas Markets and Winter Wonderlands entice people to visit different destinations in the run up to Christmas. We want to know do you do anything extra festive in your B&B during the Christmas season. Many bed and breakfasts are adorned with beautiful decorations and lights, both indoors and out, to get their guests in a more seasonal spirit during December. Some even offer mulled wine and mince pies to their guests during their stay. We’ve even heard a rumour of one B&B giving guests a Christmas present on their arrival during December!

So will you be putting up extra holly around the guest rooms this Christmas or what special treats do you have in store for guests during the festive season?

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Winter adventures

Take a winter holiday

Take a winter holiday

Summer holidays are but a distant memory for many of us now as winter has taken hold of the Northern Hemisphere and we’re wrapping up in our hats and scarves. But for many this is the perfect time of year for a holiday as not everyone wants to spend their holidays with just sun, sea and sand. In fact, many prefer a holiday with that other ‘S’ as the main feature… snow!

Winter breaks have been a popular holiday for many, particularly those who like a bit of adventure from their holidays. On these escapes skiing, snowboarding and winter hikes are top of the list of holiday activities. And even if you’re not that adventurous, there’s always the après ski, which many will tell you is the highlight of a winter holiday!

Here are a few of popular spots for you to choose from when it comes to taking a winter break:


Interlaken, Switzerland

High Tatras, Slovakia

Chamonix, France

Bled, Slovenia

Have you any suggestions for the perfect winter holiday destination? Let us know!

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B&B Ireland launches exciting new initiative for Irish Bed and Breakfasts

Golfers Welcome is one of the new categories

Golfers Welcome is one of the new categories

This week was an exciting one for Bed and Breakfasts in Ireland as B&B Ireland released details of how they will categorise Irish Bed and Breakfasts depending on the services provided by the accommodation.

The nine categories are: Eco Friendly, Pets Welcome, Golfers Welcome, Food Lovers Welcome, Gaeltacht Experience, Farmstays Welcome, Adventure Seekers Welcome and Anglers Welcome. The categories are aimed to provide visitors to Ireland with a specialist stay along with providing a traditional B&B experience, resulting in a unique holiday for all guests.

To get your B&B categorised you have to be a Tourist Board approved Bed and Breakfast in Ireland and then you can voluntarily opt into the categorisation process. These categories will be allocated to B&B’s depending on their locations, the B&B owner’s local knowledge and advice along with the comfort of the actual bed and breakfast too.

We think this will not only make a stay in an Irish B&B tailor made for the guests, but it will also make finding the perfect B&B a lot easier. What do you think of the new categories?

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How do you deal with a customer complaint?

Dealing with customer complaints can be tricky

Dealing with customer complaints can be tricky

Whatever your business, it’s great to have customers, but the downside of this is that sometimes their experience with you will not always be a good one. That’s when you will have to deal with customer complaints. Even if you only get one complaint out of one hundred customers, how you deal with this complaint can be detrimental to your business.

In the accommodation sector one bad review can be the deciding factor in whether you get repeat business or not. While it is next to impossible to make sure that every guest has a 100% perfect stay with you every time, it is possible to make sure that their complaints are properly dealt with.

There are a couple of golden rules when it comes to dealing with a customer complaint:
–    Take it on board straight away even if you really do believe there is no truth in it.
–    Be polite even if you’re debating or questioning the issue, and NEVER raise your voice.
–    Have a strategy in place for complaints so you have a procedure to go on and make sure all your staff are aware of this.
–    Be quick to deal with the complaint and don’t leave it to the already annoyed customer to come back to you for a response.

Have you any rules that you stick to or tips for dealing with a customer complaint?

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How do you pack?

Are you an over packer?

Are you an over packer?

If you are lucky enough to be making an escape from your home country for a few days then the chances are you will be boarding a flight with your bag. But if you’re sticking to a tight budget then you will probably be restricting yourself to just the one piece of carry-on luggage.

We all love to take advantage of cheap airfares but the downside to these low prices is that you are limited to some very stringent luggage restrictions. These include the amount of bags you can actually bring, the size of this bag and, due to tight airport security restrictions, what you can bring in it.

So how do you pack? Do you plan ahead and have everything washed and hanging in your closet a week before most people would even consider looking for their passport? Or are you still looking for those comfy walking shoes an hour before you have to leave for the airport? And what do you actually pack? Some people will have planned exactly what they are wearing for each day down to their socks and not bring a thing more. While others will throw in a mix and match collection along with many a ‘just in case’ top or pair of shoes.

So what kind of packer are you? Do you think that planning ahead eases the stress of travel and airports? Or is that all just part of the fun of it? Let us know what you think!

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