How to Make a Good Video of Your B&B

June 3, 2011 at 9:32 am Leave a comment

Videos are a great way to engage with potential bookers – you can really get the personality of your bed and breakfast across, as well as providing more information than a photo can.

Here are‘s top tips to making a great video of your B&B.

What you need:

  • A camera. If you already have a video camera, great – you’re probably an expert already! If not, don’t worry, most digital cameras these days have a video setting and are simple to use – refer to your manual for instructions.
    If you don’t have a camera with a video setting and can’t borrow one, don’t despair! You can always take still photographs and set them in a sequence to music. Read more about taking a good photograph.
  • A tripod. Failing that, a table, chair or even a stack of books – anything that will keep your camera steady and straight. A shaky film is hard to watch – let the viewer focus on what’s in the shot.
  • Lights.Your shots should be well lit to make your rooms seem as bright and spacious as possible. You don’t need to bring in professional lighting – just open the curtains wide, bring in any extra lamps you have and try to make sure the light is evenly distributed.
    Dim lighting can be used to great effect, of course. A living room in the evening with the curtains drawn, the fire lit and a few candles and lamps dotted around will look very cosy and inviting. Experiment!
  • Editing software. If your camera has a video setting, it probably comes with editing software as well. Failing that, most computers come with a video programme already installed, e.g. Windows Movie Maker.
  • Know what you want. Why are you making a video? To attract more bookers? To offer more information? Keep your goals in the back of your mind at all times.
Read more tips on filming and editing your video…

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