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Renowned for offering fine art, breathtaking countryside & exquisite cuisine, no trip to Italy is complete without a trip to the region of Tuscany. We’ve taken the hard work out of planning your Tuscan trip by showing what can be seen & done in each of Tuscany’s 10 provinces, and we’ve also included some of the best Tuscany bed and breakfasts for you to book.
B&Bs in Arezzo
Book B&Bs in Arezzo at BedandBreakfastworld.comArezzo is the Tuscany’s easternmost province. The city of Arezzo itself is set in the middle of four valleys and has numerous charming characteristics, such as the Gothic cathedral which dates back to 1286, and the fifteenth-century Bruni Palace which is now a museum and gallery. Like most Tuscan towns and cities, the dining in Arezzo is exquisite, making it the ideal place for you to start your journey around this Tuscan province.
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B&Bs in Florence

Book B&Bs in Florence at BedandBreakfastworld.comThe Province of Florence is another popular desintation in Tuscany. The city of Florence is the capital of both the province and the region of Tuscany, and was once the capital of Italy. This beautiful city was the jewel location during the Renaissance and still remains a busy centre for business as well as art and culture. This Tuscan capital is home to Giotto’s Campanile (bell tower), Brunelleschi’s dome and the Basilica di Santa Croce. With the money you save by staying in one of our Florence bed & breakfasts, you can hit the many designer shops which line the streets.
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B&Bs in Grosseto

Book B&Bs in Grosseto at BedandBreakfastworld.comThe Province of Grosseto lies in an area known as Maremma. Gosseto is the agricultural capital of the Maremma area and is known for its fresh local produce. There is plenty to see in the city of Grossetto including the city’s main square, Piazza Dante. The imposing Medici-era defensive walls that surround the old historical centre are also worth a visit. Grosseto is a great location for a stay in one of its many Tuscany agriturismos. Take a look at some of the great bed and breakfasts we have available in Grossetto.
Book B&Bs in Grosseto at

B&Bs in Livorno

Book B&Bs in Livorno at BedandBreakfastworld.comThe Province of Livorno is the location of Tuscany’s Etruscan Coast. While there is plenty to see and do in the Mediterranean city of Livorno itself, the rest of the province shouldn’t be forgotten  with its beautiful beaches and unspoiled countryside. The coastline of Livorno boasts many attractions including the Aquarium, the Naval Academy, the Natural History museum of the Mediterranean and the Terrazza Mascagni, which offers amazing views over some of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Follow the link below to book your Tuscany bed and breakfast accommodation for your stay in the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea.
Book B&Bs in Livorno at

B&Bs in Lucca

Book B&Bs in Lucca at BedandBreakfastworld.comLucca is the name of both a town and a provnice in Tuscany. Often referred to as Italy’s best-kept secret, this beautiful Tuscan town is surrounded by thick 16th-century walls and is home to some of Italy’s finest medieval and Renaissance architecture. Lucca is a wealthy and colourful town that provides fine dining, culture, antiques, beaches and festivals. It offers a slow pace of life with some excellent shopping and markets. Lucca is a definite must-see on your trip to Tuscany, with plenty of affordable accommodation available.
Book B&Bs in Lucca at

B&Bs in Pisa

Book B&Bs in Pisa at BedandBreakfastworld.comThe Province of Pisa is in the East of Tuscany. It’s capital city has always been a major tourist desintation thanks to its famous Leaning Tower – the bell tower of the city’s cathedral. However, one can’t overlook the rest of the architectural and artistic wonders that this beautiful city has to offer. Pisa also boasts a university which draws a large number of students to the region. The numerous historical sites in Pisa have resulted in it being separated into four historical quarters. Don’t miss out on this amazing city and its surrounds on your trip to Pisa – get booking your bed and breakfast accommodation here.
Book B&Bs in Pisa at

B&Bs in Pistoia

Book B&Bs in Pistoia at BedandBreakfastworld.comThe Province of Pistoia is possibly the least-visited region in Tuscany, and therefore ideal for those looking to escape the crowds. Pistoia was once a primarily industrial area, but visitors today can still see the well-preserved and charming medieval city inside the old walls. There is plenty to see and do during your stay at any of Pistoia’s bed and breakfasts or agriturismos. There is the Piazza del Duomo which is lined with attractive original buildings such as the Palazzo del Comune and the Palazzo del Podestà. The beautiful towns and villages in the surrounding towns in the Province of Pistoia are steeped in local history and culture and well worth a visit. Book your Tuscany agriturismo in Pistoia here.
Book B&Bs in Pistoia at

B&Bs in Prato

Book B&Bs in PratoThe Province of Prato is situated in northern Tuscany. It’s capital, also called Prato, was developed mainy thanks to the textile industry. This can be seen through the popular textile museum here today. There is plenty to see and do in the town with many palaces, churches and other architectural gems. The province itself is also full of villas, fortresses, churches and abbeys, as well as some magnificent countryside. Prato offers a wonderful setting for a stay in one of its many bed and breakfasts or agriturismos.
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B&Bs in Siena

Book B&Bs in Siena at BedandBreakfastworld.comLocated in the heart of Tuscany is the Province of Siena. The town of Siena is perhaps the best-preserved medieval town in Italy, built on three hills and surrounded by impressive walls. Siena is probably most famous for the world renowned Palio, a festival that takes place twice a year in the summer months and whose main feature is a two-minute horse race. During this time, there are banquets, parades, blessing of the horses and celebrations of all kinds. The Province of Siena offers many beautiful and charming towns, including San Gimignano and Pienza, as well as some that are world famous for wine, such as Montalcino and Montepulciano. Siena is a real must-see on your Tuscany vacation so make sure to book your cheap accommodation in one of its many bed and breakfasts here.
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